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The Parent/Community Volunteer Program at our school is a blessing to our teachers, students, and administration. If you ask our Volunteers, they would say the experience had been a blessing to them also. Our volunteers include grandparents, aunts, uncles, and retirees as well. Each year community members and parents of our students are invited to be a part of this program resulting in a huge number of volunteers working in our school. Parent Volunteers are officially recognized and honored at the school awards program held each May, but they are appreciated every day.
Community involvement at South Beauregard Upper Elementary has been tremendous over the years. Our Parent Volunteers work many hours during the school year. This is TRULY WORKING TOGETHER when so many people who have the best interest of all the kids, not just a few, are positively involved. Activities will vary from grade level to grade level, teacher to teacher. You are NEEDED! File papers, make copies, etc. any job you can do gives the teacher more time to work directly with her students.
Volunteers work a variety of hours. Some volunteers work one hour per day, and some one hour per week. Some volunteers work one day a week; some work one day a month. Some work outside the home and help in other ways, i.e., providing treats for parties, etc.
Volunteers are needed in every area. You can help with special programs throughout the year such as D.A.R.E., Honor Roll -Banner Roll Rewards day, Knight Token shopping day, Christmas Program, Open House, field trips, Fun Day, etc. Being a part of the Parent/Community Volunteer Program is being a part of the community. We now have a Parent Teacher Organization. Please join our Parent Teacher Organization. They are doing wonderful things for our school. We really appreciate them!

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